Capstone Course

LEADERSHIP CAPSTONE: Reflections on Leadership

LDRSP 4750, 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: LDRSP 2020 and LDRSP 4100

This advanced undergraduate seminar, as the capstone academic experience in the Undergraduate Leadership Studies minor, is designed to be both retrospective and integrative, encouraging the student to synthesize relevant concepts and experiences and to formulate their own informed perspective on the successes and failures of leadership in contemporary society.  Leadership theory, theories of social change, and interdisciplinary approaches to complex global issues will serve as significant parts of the course material.  Students will be expected to demonstrate skill in analysis of pertinent literature, write with purpose and clarity, and lead thoughtful group discussion.  In this seminar, students will submit scholarly products to demonstrate a mature understanding of personal leadership in contexts ranging from local to global. 

Learning Objectives and Processes:

  • Analyze leadership practice in diverse social and cultural contexts

  • Make comparative assessments of leadership needs and effectiveness

  • Define and defend components of a personal leadership model

  • Adhere to the principles of scholarly review of the leadership literature

  • Apply sound principles of leadership through classroom engagement