Field Experience

Leadership: Field Experience

LDRSP 4100, 4 Credit Hours

FIELD EXPERIENCE FOR LEADERSHIP MINOR 4 Credit Hours (3 on-site, 1 in-class)
Prerequisite: LDRSP 2020

Following most coursework but before Capstone course


  1. 10-15 hours/week in approved internship site

  2. 8-10 page paper (described in syllabus)

  3. Reflective journal (described in syllabus)

  4. Attendance at class sessions (described in syllabus)

What counts as an “approved” site

  • Students will locate their own field experience sites; the site may be either on- or off-campus.

  • Students must have site approved in advance by the minor advisor and course instructor.

  • The field experience must provide a new experience for students.  Students already involved in leadership activities on campus may select a new site, or may pursue a new position within an existing leadership environment.

  • For approval, students must write a proposal outlining the leadership experiences that they will gain through the internship. The proposal will include the following elements: name and contact information for site supervisor, description of projects or areas of interest students will pursue on-site, a plan for meeting the time requirements for being on-site, and specific learning objectives.

Field Experience Sites

The University has a prior relationship with a number of potential off-campus field experience sites. 

A number of Student Affairs departments have historically provided site supervision for students earning the Minor in Leadership Studies. Students must be in a different position, with leadership responsibilities, beyond what they previously held. An example of possible agencies that could provide site supervision include but are not limited to: ASUU, Housing and Residential Education, Bennion Center, New Student and Family Programs, Fraternity and Sorority LIfe, Union, Campus Recreation, Disability Services and Career Services.

Additionally, the Bennion Center lists over 100 community partners on its website.


Students will have both an on-site supervisor and a course instructor, who will ensure that the field experience is offering the leadership experiences necessary to complete the requirements of the Minor in Leadership Studies.  


Who and how often must be determined as part of the field experience approval process. The on-site supervisor will be provided with a copy of the student’s learning objectives as well as the program’s expectations of on-site supervisors.  On-site supervisors will sign the students’ proposals as an indication of their willingness and ability to assist students in meeting their learning objectives.

Course Instructor

The course instructor will meet with students in class and individually during the course of the field experience to determine whether it is meeting the learning objectives outlined by them.