Group, Organizational & Community Contexts

Courses that explore leadership contexts within groups, organizations and industries to identify where leadership occurs and understand how those contexts impact leadership.

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Communication 3170: Introduction to Organizational Communication (3)

ECS 5709: Building Family-School Partnerships for Youth Success

Educational Leadership and Policy 4540: Cultural Diversity in American Colleges and Universities (3)

ED PS 3010: Introduction to Multicultural Issues: Understanding Self and Others (3)
(Elective Category I or II)

Ethnic Studies 3450: Intergroup Relations—Our Prejudices and Stereotypes (3)
Cross listed as PSY 4450. Prerequisite: PSY 1010

Leadership 2040: Leadership in Community (3)

Management 3680: Human Behavior in Organizations (3)

Philosophy 3730: Justice and International Affairs (3)

Political Science 3150: Political Executives (3)

Psychology 3410: Introduction to Social Psychology (3)
Prerequisite: PSYCH 1010

Psychology 4410: Advanced Topics in Personality and Social Psychology (3)
Prerequisite: PSYCH 3410 or 3440 or instructor’s consent

Psychology 4450: Intergroup Relations: Our Prejudices and Stereotypes (3)
Cross listed as ETHNC 3450. Prerequisite: PSYCH 1010

Sociology 3020: Social Psychology (3)
Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or PSYCH 1010 or instructor's consent

SP ED 3020: Special Education Globalization and International Perspectives (3)
(Elective Category I or II)

Undergraduate Studies 3005/Honors 3005: International Academy (3)