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Introductory Course

Leadership 2020: Foundations in Leadership

LDRSP 2020 - 3 Credit Hours

Course Objectives:

Cognitive goals

  • To understand the complex nature of leadership in today‚Äôs society
  • To understand the existing and emerging philosophies, theories and models of leadership
  • To understand the principles of leadership as they apply to and are shaped by various academic disciplines
  • To understand ethical issues facing leaders and the enactment of values such as responsibility, democracy, fairness, and justice
  • To understand their own leadership styles and implications associated with these styles

Attitudinal goals

  • To increase the self-awareness of students as individuals, leaders, and team members
  • To respect the worth and dignity of all people and understand the premise of inclusive leadership
  • To be sensitive to their impact on others
  • To gain an understanding of ethical responsibilities as leaders

Behavioral goals

  • To demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others in a group
  • To demonstrate the ability to use and integrate various theoretical approaches to leadership in analyzing and solving problems
  • To demonstrate effective skills in reading, writing and oral presentation
  • To demonstrate the ability to effectively use computer technology to collect, disseminate and present information, including web, email, PowerPoint, etc.
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