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Category I: Ethical and Cultural Foundations

Courses that expose students to the foundations of ethical decision making and cultural backgrounds, in addition to exploring how ethics and culture differ, intersect, and influence leadership.

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COMM 3505 Introduction to Media Business and Ethics

COMM 5660 Media Ethics

ED PS 3010   Identity & Inclusivity (Category I or II)

ETHNC 4540 Chicana/o History Since 1849 (Cross-listed as HIST 4540)

GNDR 4610   Women in American History Since 1870 (Cross-listed as HIST 4610)

HIST 4370      History of American Social Movements

HIST 4380      U.S. Environmental History

HIST 4540      Chicana/o History Since 1849 (Cross-listed as ETHNC 4540)

HIST 4610      Women in American History Since 1870 (Cross-listed as GNDR 4610)

PHIL 3530      Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3700      Political Philosophy

PHIL 3730      Justice and International Affairs

PSY 4963       Honors Topics in Personality and Social Psychology

SOC 3334      Class, Race & the American Dream

SOC 4085      Cities and Communities

SW 3550        Social Diversity and Cultural Understanding (4 Credits)

Last Updated: 6/28/18