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Leadership: Practicum

LDRSP 4100, 4 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: LDRSP 2020


Reframing Organizations by Bolman & Deal

Leadership for a Better World by Komives (selected readings – chapters on Controversy with Civility and Citizenship)

Leadership: Theory and Practice (7th Ed.) by Northouse

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to serve as a companion to the Practicum required for the Leadership Studies minor. As such, this course serves to provide students a forum for processing their Practicum and connecting to previous leadership coursework. Through analyzing their practical experience, students will synthesize theoretical knowledge and application of practical skills employed through the Practicum.

Course Objectives:

  • Synthesize leadership concepts with their personal framework and the organization of the practicum site
  • Apply theory and coursework to interrogate organizational issues


  • Journals (Total of 4) – Based on frames from Bolman and Deal
  • Leadership Interview (tie into frames as well as loop back to Northouse theories)
  • Final Presentation: Case Study Format (Analyze with Frames)
  • Evaluation: Site supervisor, student, hours log


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