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Category II: Group, Organizational and Community Contexts

Courses that explore leadership contexts within groups, organizations and industries to identify where leadership occurs and understand how those contexts impact leadership.

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ARTH 3450    Land Art and Experimental Geography

CMP 3100      Urban & Environmental Planning: Theory and Practice

CMP 3101      Honors People and Place I

CMP 3250      Planning Process and Methods

CMP 4030      Leadership and Community Engagement

ECON 4670    Economics Research in the Community

ECS 5709        Building Family-School Partnerships for Youth Success

ED PS 3010    Identity & Inclusivity (Category I or II)

ELP 4540        Cultural Diversity in American Colleges and Universities

ETHNC 2520 Students of Color Navigating a Predominantly White Institution (Prerequisite: ETHNC 2500)

GNDR 3200   Westside Leadership Institute (Category II or III)

GNDR 3400   Girls’ Lives: Community Engaged Learning

GNDR 3500    Where We Stand: Social Science Perspectives on Gender and Youth

HNKLY 4100  Global Community Based Research (Cross-listed as SW 4100; Category II or III)

HONOR 3005 International Leadership Academy (Prerequisite: Member of Honors College)

HONOR 3101 Honors People and Place I (Prerequisite: Member of Honors College)

LDRSP 2040    Leadership in Community

LDRSP 3960    Leadership in Higher Education (Prerequisite: Selected as Orientation Leader, 3 Credits)

MIL S 3020      Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations

MIL S 3960     Military History Leadership in Adversity

MGT 3680       Human Behavior in Organizations (Prerequisite: Business Major/Minor, LSM Student)

MUSC 4100     Career Development

PCS 4950         Creating Inclusive Communities through Dialog (Category II or III)

PHIL 3730       Justice and International Affairs

POLS 3026      Civic engagement and Social Change

POLS 3150      The American Presidency

POLS 3700      Urban Politics

POLS 3827      Student Lab for Social Change

PRT 3320         Recreation Programming and Leadership (Prerequisite: PRT 3100)

SW 4100          Global Community Based Research (Cross-listed as HNKLY 4100)

THEA 4615      Theatre for Young Audiences

THEA 4630      Theater for Social Action

UGS 2030        Introduction to Civic Leadership (Category II or III)

UGS 2230        Block U: Global Citizenship (Prerequisite: Member of Block U)

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