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Program Overview

Through the Leadership Studies Minor students will:

  • Develop knowledge and skills that are useful and transferable to any major, discipline or career
  • Engage in challenging conversations and hone your leadership style
  • Examine perspectives of leadership from a variety of contexts and vantage points
  • Think critically about leadership and apply what you are learning in a practical setting

Minor Requirements - 19 credit hours

  • Introductory Course: LDRSP 2020 - 3 credit hours
  • Field Experience: LDRSP 4100- 4 credit hours
          Prerequisite: LDRSP 2020
  • Capstone Course: LDRSP 4750 - 3 credit hours
           Prerequisite: LDRSP 2020 and LDRSP 4100
  • Three elective courses - 9 credit hours

All students will take one course from each of the following elective course categories:


Last Updated: 6/13/18