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What Students Are Saying

Name: Brad Powell Classification: Senior 
Hometown: Lehi, UT
Major: Communication Studies

 "I absolutely loved the professors and courses in the Leadership Minor. The field internship and capstone project set me apart from other students when I went through the application process for my doctoral program in physical therapy. The professors mentored me through every step of the leadership minor and they respected and supported all of my ideas. They also did everything in their power to guide me through the process putting my ideas into action. The leadership minor has developed and refined my leadership skills in every way. Most importantly I have learned about the leader I am and the leader I am capable of becoming."

Name: Miranda Best
Classification: Senior 
Hometown: Sandy, UT
Major: International Studies

Miranda Best

"The Leadership Studies Minor has really opened my eyes to a different level of understanding leadership and its impact on the community. I have been able to apply much of what I've learned to the leadership roles I have held on and off of campus and have seen a huge difference! Not only that, but I have made some great friends and connections along the way!"


Name: Tess Bonham
Classification: Junior 
Hometown: Coalsville, UT
Major: Communication StudiesTess Bonham

 "Being involved with the Leadership Minor has introduced me to such a wide spectrum of people with many different opinions and backgrounds which I believe has helped me to become a more accepting and well-rounded person. More so, I've been encouraged to try new experiences that, previous to this year, I never would have been keen to try or learned to do."





Name: Haoran Yu
Classification: Senior 
Hometown: Changchun, Jilin, China
Major: Communication StudiesHaoran Yu

"I enjoy my experience as a student leader on campus and I think a leader assumes risk. If there is no risk, little leadership is required. If the effort is easy and certain to succeed, anyone can, and probably will, “lead” it. But where the effort entails a risk of failure, then many people will fail before the challenge and leadership is necessary to get people to make the commitment and the effort to succeed. This is why I took leadership classes and it helps me shape my leadership skills a lot."






Name: Sydney Magana
Classification: Junior 
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Major: Human Development & Family StudiesSydney Magana

 "This is my first semester pursuing the minor and I absolutely love it. Pursuing this minor has connected me to a supportive group of students, faculty, and staff from various departments across campus. It has allowed me to further understand the importance of getting involved and has challenged me to consider my definition and application of leadership. My favorite thing about this minor is that the material can be easily applied outside of the classroom, within my leadership roles on campus."


Name: Shahar Lawrence
Classification: Senior 
Hometown: Sandy, UT
Major: Social Work Shahar Lawrence

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit." 

Name: Jesse Olson
Classification: Junior 
Hometown: South Jordan, UT
Major: Business Administration jesse olson

"The Leadership Studies Minor has changed my entire view on what it really takes to be an effective leader on all fronts at all times of the day."


Last Updated: 6/13/18